Eco-Friendly Alternative

Some people choose cremation as a burial option; however, although advancements were made in this industry, toxic emissions are still involved. The burning of fossil fuels releases toxins and chemicals that damage the environment into the air. A burial that does not involve chemicals or toxic emissions is greener and better for the environment.

Anyone who lives a green life may want to consider eco-friendly burials. Otherwise known as a green burial, this type of funeral option returns your remains to the earth in a natural way, avoiding burial vaults, metal caskets, toxic chemicals and embalming. Funeral practices are not generally environmentally friendly - land has to be cleared in order to make more room for cemeteries, trees are cut to make caskets, and metals are used for hardware and decoration. Embalming fluid contains toxic chemicals, such as ethanol, methanol and formaldehyde as well as other solvents. These kinds of chemical seep into the ground water and eventually lead to health problems for local residents.

How does it work?
Eco-friendly burials can use white paperboard caskets or  biodegradable urns  constructed of 100% recycled paperboard. No toxic chlorine bleach is used on the paper, but rather a limestone wash. However, there is no reason to choose a plain casket or urn; the family can custom paint or decorate it with designs. Green cemeteries accept bodies buried in simple biodegradable containers, such as wicker, cardboard or bamboo. These materials allow the body to decompose and return to the earth naturally and gradually. Sometimes the body is wrapped in a shroud made of silk or cotton and buried that way.
Green Cemetery
Where can it happen

Eco-friendly burials can take place in green cemeteries, but they are also held in natural settings like mountains, forests, deserts and fields with only a simple marker to indicate a loved one's final resting place. Some people choose to plant a tree to mark the spot
Costs and other information
A green burial is typically much less costly than a tradition funeral. The cost for a green burial is under $2,000 in some locations, while a traditional funeral can cost over $10,000. Maps are available that show locations of cemeteries where green funerals are allowed. More and more are added to these lists every week as environmentalists and nature lovers choose to go this route. For those looking for a different sort of funeral, burial at a natural setting using a scattering urn  is also an eco-friendly option Eco-friendly burials are a testament to old-fashioned values of simplicity, frugality and a respect for tradition. They are also seen by supporters as a way to facilitate landscape conservation and ecological restoration. Consider this type of burial if you prefer simpler, greener values, and make sure to discuss your desires with your family.