Types of Urns

When looking for the perfect way to memorialize your loved one's remains brass urns  offer both durability and elegance for years to come. There are a variety of metal  memorial urns  with defining characteristics, but brass presents the classic look and feel without the over-the-top flair. For the look of class with the subdued elegance of more precious metals, choose a brass memorial urn for your loved one's remains.
If you desire a beautiful, ornate decorative piece for the final resting place of your loved one, bronze urns are the perfect choice. Choose from either cast bronze urns or sculpted bronze pieces for their incredible shine and luster. Expertly crafted, these urns are a decorative work of art and are extremely fitting for their purpose. Different colors and styles are available to match the deceased's personality and style. Regardless of which kind you choose, bronze urns are handcrafted and made to last, guaranteeing a safe place for your family member for years to come.
Types of Urns
Cremation urns play an important role as they are actually the final resting place of the loved one. The process (possibly ceremonial) is called an inurnment. Such, an urn may be kept for generations and it should speak about who the person was and what he or she represented for the family.There are many different type of cremation urn styles, types and material that they are comprised of.  From standard/conventional designs to personal-unique and eleborate.

Popular  urn materials are comprised of:                                              Types of Urns

Wood (laquered or treated)  |  Metal  |  Stone   |  Enamled (such as Cloisonne)  |  
Leather  |  Lost Wax  |  Porcelain  |  Silk  |  Fabric  |  Companion  |  Brass     

In the biodegradable caregory are
Bio-degradable Bamboo and Seagrass  |  Paper  |  Cornstartch  |  Rock Salt